2/1/2017 -

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBrhDT3J9Hc#t=3339.02788

Veterans day 11/11/2016 In response to: 

Democrat criminal cartel leader Hillary Clinton call criminal rebels to fight in the streets burning our flag, while aiding the foreign invading enemy. We the people ask President Elect Donald Trump on his first day of office, to sign an executive order to outlaw American flag burning as a gross felony, and pardon minutemen militia who responded to the call. We also ask congress and senate to ratify and send a similar bill, to out law the burning of the American flag, to Donald Trumps desk to sign into law, and ratify appoint Supreme Court Justices to up hold, over turn Roe vs Wade, Roe law for ever.

Election 2016, America WINS. God will bless America

We the people THE SLEEPING GIANT, awakend and has voted a Republican ticket and did not lose our most valued rights.

Breaking news - TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP, So pro life Supreme Court Justices will now be appointed.

FBI director James Comey releases designed to expose the Clinton cartel,

Vote for Donald Trump with a full republican ticket, and we will have abortion law reform.

We Gods Servants an abortion reform organization know local christians can reverse the Roe law, created from the Wade vs Roe Supreme Court ruling that has plagued the United State in every way for decades.

The honor of the Federal grand jury indictment process brought down, reduced from a higher level honor by the Clinton Cartel.

We thank God for Honest patriot FBI agents 

FBI agents who kept the pressure on the head of the FBI James Comey who in the end resisted the order to stand down by notifying some  Senators of renewed investigation expansion.

The AKA Clinton Mob, and fellow conspirators within the Justice Department. The Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, conspiracy, of the also known as the Clinton Foundation, set a new constitutional crisis, by legal precedent for all grand jury indictments across the land. Corruption at the highest level of government within the United States Department of Justice, by impeached President Bill Clinton Attorney General appointee Loretta E. Lynch, and her subordinates, joining in the conspiracy by order to FBI agents to stand down on grand jury investigation to seek, indictment of criminal charges against the head of the Clinton cartel, running on the Democrate ticket for President, Hillary Clinton, that should have been sought under the organized crime Rico act, summer of 2016, months before the November 8 2016 election.

Federal and State Grand Jury's

Selected groups of citizens investigating suspected criminal activities, decide to issue indictments, known as criminal charges. The grand jury consist of up to 23 people, but often fewer. Federal judges impanel the jury. However, as a practical matter, prosecutors control the process from beginning to end.

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Failure of Department of Justice, Attorney general to do the job honest. The conspiracy that seems to have no end to how deep it goes.
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